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ADHD Coach directory


Carlos Armendariz - London

Hi, my name is Carlos and I'm a coach who specialises in helping adults with ADHD or similar symptoms. I was myself diagnosed with ADHD in my thirties and, like many people with ADHD, my background is very diverse.

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Fran Biscotti - London

Open Lines Coaching

I am Fran, a professionally trained ADHD and Autism coach. 

I support neurodivergent individuals, and parents and carers of neurodivergent children – with or without an official diagnosis.


Darren Boyd-Annells - London

ADHD Success

Hi, I'm Dr Darren Boyd-Annells, founder and head coach at ADHD Success. ADHD Success offers specialist coaching to ADHD-impacted entrepreneurs, senior executives, professionals and managers seeking life and work change. From One-to-One ADHD coaching to comprehensive transformation programmes, we offer a range of support that can help unlock your full potential.

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Franck Brown - Windsor

Conscious Clarity

Diagnosed with dyspraxia during university and again with ADHD mid-career, aged 30, I know first-hand how transformative a diagnosis can be, and what it’s like to have a long list of questions. Now as an ADHD Coach I help clients unlock their unique potential.

You're not alone - Neurodiversity doesn’t have to be a burden… Book your FREE Discovery Call today and start to work with your brain, not against it.


Stephanie Camilleri - London

The ADHD Advocate

Learn to manage the challenges and harness the strengths that come with adult ADHD: an ADHD Coach trained by the only ADHD Coaching academy (ADDCA) accredited by the ICF, SEND Lawyer, School Governor, Trustee of ADHD Action & Founder of ADHD Unlocked


Roxana Cardos - London

ADHD Advantage

Can ADHD be Both a Puzzle and an Advantage? Absolutely.

I'm Roxana, a Business Psychologist and ADHD Coach. Living with ADHD and Dyslexia myself, I deeply understand their intricacies. Utilising a strengths-based methodology as a Master Strengths Practitioner, I guide adults in harnessing the advantages of ADHD and amplifying their unique strengths. Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today.


Stephanie Clay - Brighton, East Sussex

Esteem Coaching

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I believe passionately that the unique brain wiring of people with ADHD has many benefits as well as the challenges we’re all familiar with. Uncovering your strengths and talents and helping you use them to create the life you want is the focus of my coaching practice.

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Corrine de Castro - London

MOXO Coaching

Corinne is an accredited ADHD & Executive Function life coach and Nutritionist. She worked as an in-house television lawyer in her previous career.


Corinne coaches and educates adults, university students, teenagers, children, and families whether they have been diagnosed with ADHD or not. She trained as an ADHD coach after members of her own family were diagnosed with ADHD. Corinne coaches in a holistic, friendly, and supportive way, always encouraging clients to understand and work with their strengths and finding ADHD-friendly strategies to overcome any challenges. She integrates nutrition and good self-care as part of her coaching.

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Sarah Doll-Steinberg - London

The Mind Practice


Sarah is an ADHD + Executive Dysfunction coach helping clients to identify what issues are holding them back from living the life they want, and then working together to develop strategies to overcome these challenges.


Gillian Hayes PhD - Edinburgh

Bright Shiny Coaching

Experienced ADHD coach for students, academics, professionals, business, self-employed, entrepreneurs. STEM careers, women in technology and academia. Get out from overwhelm - or underwhelm - and live up to your undoubted potential.

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Cathy Howe - North Wales

Thriving Woman Coaching

As a professionally trained and certified ADHD and ASC coach, I work with neurodivergent professional women and creatives to achieve the life and lifestyle they dream of. I have 20+ years of experience in senior management in the NHS, and a passion for supporting women of all ages to discover the joy of finally discovering their power.

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Richard Low - Somerset

ADHD Coaching

I coach adults, students, parents and children. I help clients with ADHD transform their lives; from the stress and anxiety of their ADHD symptoms to a better life where they can confidently, understand, manage and thrive with their ADHD.

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Kerry Marriott

Ever ADHD Coaching

I am a certified ADHD coach working 1 to 1 or in small groups with motivated ADHD adults, teens (and their parents) who are ready to decide their future with ADHD.  My coaching focus is on building real skills that can adapt with your ADHD as traits shift throughout your lifetime.


Emily Mayers - London

Working Dream Coaching

I’m Emily, I am a professionally trained coach. Today, I help anyone, from Gen Z’s to Millennials, from young mums to busy CEOs - some who have a diagnosis, and some who don’t. Together we work to find them the right support, understand their own ADHD, harness their natural strengths, and ultimately live their own dreams.

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Juliet O'Rourke

Juliet O'Rourke Coaching

Hi! My name is Juliet. I'm an ADHD coach and I am passionate about helping all adults learn and discover their unique gifts and strengths within their diagnosis. I offer small group coaching, ADHD workshops, as well as one-to-one coaching.


Holly Paton

Hollhearted Coaching

No availability until May 2024

Hi, I’m Holly. I’m a specialist coach for adults with ADHD and have ADHD myself.

I enjoy working with business owners and professionals from Creative, Tech, Charity, Environment, Academia and Health industries.

I also love working with clients from the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as those with Autism and Dyslexia.

I support my clients to understand their ADHD brain, connect with their authentic selves, and empower themselves to manage their ADHD effectively with new coping strategies and long-term skills.


Alex Smith - London

Find Me My Ladder Ltd

I provide Bespoke Corporate and 1 to 1 Coaching Solutions | Mental Resilience Training | Career Development Workshops | Specialist Niche Coaching and Support for ADHD and other disorders of "executive function" | Creative Content and Training Materials to Support above Research Areas

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Luke Sommerlad - London

Building Balance

Are you ready to create structure with your brilliant brain, building a harmonious work-life balance? I’m Luke, an ADHD, nutrition and health coach, diagnosed with ADHD myself in 1994. I know the frustrations ADHDers go through but now, I’m in a good place with my ADHD, which is why I’m committed to helping you. Whether you’re navigating a recent diagnosis or seeking to manage your condition, you can turn your ADHD into your strength through a holistic approach to education, skills coaching, and life coaching that celebrates your uniqueness.

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Sara-Jane Soutar - Devon

SJ Coaching and Tuition

I am Sara-Jane Soutar, an ADHD and Executive Functioning coach, specialising in family coaching. I also have many years of experience working with young people and parents, as a Learning Support teacher and Head of Learning Support at both British and International schools. Having worked in American, French, British and IB schools, I understand the varying executive functioning demands on students in these different school systems. 

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Tina Squire - Surrey


I am a strength-based ADHD & Life Coach with 20+ years' experience of operations, sales, HR & recruitment, strategy across industries holding senior leadership roles. Having received a late in life diagnosis of ADHD in my 40s, I have a whole host of professional and lived experience of neurodiversity and understand the challenges that it can come with.

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Ursula Theobald

Ursula Theobald

I’m Ursula, and I coach adults with ADHD and other forms of neurodiversity, with a particular interest in late-diagnosed women.  My approach focuses on looking at the client’s strengths and successes and developing tailored solutions and strategies that meet each client’s individual needs.

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