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Hello there! I'm Kerry 


My first experience of ADHD was someone close to me admitting they'd fallen into a very dark place because of unmanaged ADHD. I stood with them in the dark as we began to uncover the power that comes from knowing your ADHD traits and how they impact you, every day. 

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They redesigned their life around their strengths and interests, changing job and moving city. As a military spouse, I used my lived experience of re-inventing and rebuilding to support them.

My crazy life, navigating change from countries, houses, jobs and social groups, gives me a unique perspective on change. It has also masked my own ADHD traits and my son's, who is now diagnosed. I am on a diagnosis waitlist.

After 20+ years travelling and working in communications for high tech start-ups and government, I retrained as an ADHD coach with ADDCA.

I now work with adults and teens (15+) who are motivated to take charge of their ADHD and help them design deliberate steps towards their future.

My coaching centres on helping clients build the focus, motivation and grit to take control of their future whether that be a new direction, better relationships or change in career. 


I am passionate about delivering the best coaching for my clients and am currently studying Developmental and Transition Coaching.


As well as being a certified AACC ADHD Coach, I am a mental health first aider, trained Samaritan listening volunteer, English as a Foreign Language teacher and hold professional qualifications in Marketing Communications. 


Ready to chat about changing what's not working and improving what is? 

Get in touch for a free consult. Email: or visit


You don't have to wait for diagnosis to design a better life with ADHD.


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