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I am a strength-based ADHD & Life Coach with 20+ years' experience of operations, sales, HR & recruitment, strategy across industries holding senior leadership roles. Having received a late in life diagnosis of ADHD in my 40s and with children with a diagnosis of ASD Aspergers, dyslexia, anxiety and ADHD I have a whole host of professional and lived experience of neurodiversity and
understand the challenges that it can come with.

The credentials I hold include an AACC with the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA), a qualification in Understanding Autism, and I am a trained GROW model coach.

I initially trained as a coach in 2002, and I've been applying a coaching approach in my role in business ever since. Having been a senior member of a corporate leadership team for the past 20 years I still get involved as a Non-Executive Director and I apply all my knowledge and experience to support individuals and organisations in order to serve our growing neurodiverse community.


Working with leaders in the corporate space, I often doubling as an executive neurodiversity coach. I’m very familiar with what it takes to run organisations both as an entrepreneur and a leader in a larger organisation.


Prior to my corporate career, I trained as a singer/musical theatre performer, so if you are a fellow thespian ADHDer please reach out!


If you would like to find out more about me and book a free introductory call, please visit my website or my LinkedIn profile

What Tina's clients say:


"Working with Tina helps me to process stuff outside of my head. Doing this allows me to turn my thoughts into action and prioritise what I need to do. We identity solutions that work specifically for my brain which makes me better able to achieve my goals."

- Lawyer


"I feel really comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with Tina. She always makes me feel heard, safe and validated. Our sessions are the structured space I need but at the same time, it’s open and not limited."

- Teacher

"Tina helped my daughter to understand her neurodiversity and how it affects her: learning the tools to help her with her studies and the maze of a University application and the support on offer; coping with the emotions of a time of huge change. Tina works with patience and clarity and has developed an equal partnership with my daughter. As a result my daughter has become more confident and I feel grateful that we have found Tina at this time."

- Parent of an A Level Student with ADHD

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