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Hi, I’m Franck. I work with individuals of primarily 16-35 understand their ADHD, autism or other conditions. The Coaching process includes both traditional and neurodiversity-specific Coaching techniques that is designed to help bring increased self-awareness and leverage your individual strengths that work for you, in your own way. I’d love to have a free discovery call and see how we can work together to unlock your own strengths, skillsets and successes.

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Are you looking to…

•       Better understand yourself and/or a diagnosis?

•       Develop important life skills?

•       Better understand and use your strengths?

•       Develop your own tools to help in daily life?

•       Gain confidence and reach your goals?

Franck may be able to help.


He’s a formally-accredited Neurodiversity Coach with lived experience of Dyspraxia & ADHD. His own diagnoses came later in life, at 23 and 30 respectively, only after graduating university and several years of professional experience in the corporate world, and led to several others in his family receiving a diagnosis too.


Without realising it, he’d spent 30 years learning the importance of self-management ‘the hard way,’ without having had any Coaching of his own or anyone to turn to with his questions. This in turn triggered his decision to retrain to be a Neurodiversity Coach for people with ADHD, autism & other conditions as they look to unlock their own strengths, skillsets and successes.


Nowadays, he works primarily with younger adults of 16-35, though also works with people from many other walks of life outside of this age group.


Before training across a number of different Neurodiversity & traditional Coaching disciplines, he graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Exeter. He previously spent 8 years across a number of Sales & Marketing roles at brands including Cadbury’s, Toblerone, Innocent Drinks, Patak’s & Tabasco.


Book a Free Discovery Call:





  • ADHD Coach Certification Program, ADDCA

  • ADHD For All & ADHD Coming Home, Gold Mind Neurodiversity

  • Certificate in Coaching, IAFPD Centre for Coaching

  • Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching, IAFPD Centre for Coaching

  • Understanding Autism, Lancashire College

  • Understanding ADHD: Current Research & Practice, King’s College London

  • Mental Health First Aid Training, MHFA England

Still have questions? Get in touch with Amy, our Office Manager, on or call on 07708 191010.

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