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Aged 22 I was diagnosed with dyspraxia whilst at university.

Nearly a decade later, mid-career, I was diagnosed with ADHD.


This led to a journey of self-discovery that changed my life. 


And honestly? It's the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


But, once upon a time, my neurodivergence made me feel like a burden.

Franck Conscious Clarity-4225.jpg

Before diagnosis, I spent 3 decades ‘muddling through’ relationships, University and my professional career constantly in survival mode.


My life wasn’t my own and I wasn’t reaching my full potential.  


My diagnosis helped me recognise my brain is unique and requires a different approach, one with specific knowledge about why I process information the way I do and how I could harness my strengths.


I realized that maybe I could help individuals who, like me, just need a little coaching, a little clarity in their lives.


I had to learn the importance of self-management the ‘hard way’ but you don’t have to.


You're not alone - Neurodiversity doesn’t have to be a burden.
It can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.


Who I work with:

-       21+ / Final Year of University

-       Adults in the Workplace & Home


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Coaching Accreditation& Background:


Before training across a number of different Neurodiversity & traditional Coaching disciplines, I graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Exeter and had spent 8 years across a number of Sales & Marketing roles at brands including Cadbury’s, Toblerone, Innocent Drinks, Patak’s & Tabasco. Coaching qualifications include:

·       ADHD Coach Certification Program, ADDCA

·       ADHD For All & ADHD Coming Home, Gold Mind Neurodiversity

·       Certificate in Coaching, IAFPD Centre for Coaching

·       Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching, IAFPD Centre for Coaching

·       Understanding Autism, Lancashire College

·       Understanding ADHD: Current Research & Practice, King’s College London

·       Certificate in Group Coaching for Coaches, Barefoot Coaching

·       Mental Health First Aid Training, MHFA England


Still have questions? Get in touch with Amy, our Office Manager, on or call on 07708 191010

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