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Hi, I’m Luke.


I’m an ADHD and executive function coach and a trusted mentor to creative minds, freelancers, mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs seeking an all-rounded approach to managing their

Diagnosed with ADHD in 1994, I spent years testing different solutions and finally understood
that effectively managing ADHD requires a holistic approach. I wanted to offer the help I wish I
always had so, I enrolled with the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), a global leader in ADHD

Executive function skills like planning, organising, and time management are crucial yet
challenging for ADHDers. My diverse professional background and coaching training have
equipped me with invaluable skills to work with neurodivergent individuals. With over a decade
of experience as a butler, estate manager, and executive assistant to ultra-high-net-worth

individuals, combined with over 20 years as a qualified chef, I bring a diverse perspective to my

In our coaching sessions, we’ll start with an executive skills assessment to identify your
strengths and areas for improvement. We’ll approach your needs through an ADHD lens and
you’ll have a safe space to process your emotions. I also specialise in working with impostor
phenomenon, perfectionism, and rejection sensitivity. Our journey together will encompass all
aspects of your life — from your environment and relationships to your nervous system,
executive functions, and beyond.


Let’s appreciate you for who you are. Together, we’ll work with your brain rather than against it.
Interested in working with me? Learn more about how I can support you.

My email is

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AACC accreditation ADDCA - ADHD Coaching Academy

Connections In Mind Executive Functions Coaching Certificate

BTEC Level 4 in Advanced Nutrition and Health Coaching

ICF ACC (in the final stages of accreditation)

LSEC Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism

Mindful Self Compassion for Healthcare Professionals

MHFA Certified Mental Health First Aider

COTAH qualified Chef

International Butler Academy graduate with merit

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Counselling Skills

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