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holly paton

My journey:


Hi, I’m Holly. I found out I had Combined Type ADHD at age 28. I used to feel so ashamed of my neurodiversity. But once I started to understand my brain and practice self-compassion, I was able to take off the mask and own my ADHD. And by letting my true self shine through, I was able to find ways to work with my brain, not against it.


My experience:

My own journey and the support I received from others inspired me to become a coach. I was trained in ADHD Coaching in-house at The ADHD Advocate, and have a certificate in Laser Coaching from an ICF accredited coaching course. I am working towards obtaining my AAC credential. I also have a Level 2 in Understanding Autism.


My approach:


My approach is about getting to the core of an issue rather than just applying a band-aid. I’ll invite you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and dive into things that really matter like your desires, fears, values, beliefs, mindset and identity, as well as your unique flavour of ADHD.

I believe that the key to unlocking ADHD lies in finding the 'you' in everything you do. By leveraging your natural strengths and interests and sharing practical information about living with ADHD, I'll support you to develop tailored strategies for daily life that genuinely work.

In my coaching sessions, laughter and playfulness are integral. That’s not to say we don’t get serious and do hard work! But I believe that humour has a transformative effect, allowing us to gain new perspectives, build resilience and experience emotional release.

I’ll encourage you to be a curious scientist about your ADHD and embrace “failures”. I’ve noticed when my clients take the pressure off and simply explore the fascinating world of their brain, collect valuable intel and conduct experiments, they are way more likely to achieve their goals.

Who I work with:

I work with adult ADHDers aged 18+.


I work with people from various backgrounds but particularly enjoy working with:

  • Creatives

  • Charity & Environmental Workers

  • Business Owners & Self-Employed Individuals

  • Wellbeing & Helping professionals

  • Individuals Working in Tech / Gaming / Software

  • Consultants

  • Academics


As a queer woman, I am also passionate about working with ADHDers from the LGBTQIA+ community.


I also have experience coaching clients with other conditions like Autism and Dyslexia.


Contact me:


Book a free 20 minute chemistry call with me here: 


Find out more about my coaching here: 




Phone: 07396 703 515


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