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Juliet o'rourke


I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50, after a lifetime of believing that I was intrinsically flawed, but never knowing that there was a biological explanation for my struggles. My challenges with executive function skills, together with the perimenopause and escalating levels of anxiety and overwhelm, had become completely debilitating. Despite my natural optimism, I was starting to lose hope in myself and my abilities. 

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Following my diagnosis, I embarked on an intense journey of discovery about ADHD and learning about myself through a new lens. (Thank you Hyperfocus!)  Having undertaken 2 years of counselling training, I quickly realised I wanted to redirect my career into the world of ADHD coaching and to reach out to other women in particular, who may be going through similar experiences.  That said, I am passionate about supporting a wide range of adults of any age.

Having been a swimming teacher for 18 years, I empowered thousands to excel and become confident in the water. I specialised in teaching adults with Aquaphobia, helping them to conquer their extreme fear of the water and to witness the amazing blossoming that ensued.

I feel that my passion for people, empathy and exceptional communication skills have naturally transferred into my coaching. I want you to feel seen, heard and understood. This validation and compassion is often one of the most transformational aspects of coaching. I am confident that I can use my thorough grounding in counselling, together with my ADHD knowledge and insight, to hold my client’s emotional health and wellbeing at the core of our session’s, whilst at the same time working in a partnership towards achieving the outcomes that they desire.


Once I realised that that my ADHD brain was just different and not broken, I stopped trying to “fix” myself. My hope is that I can support fellow members of our amazing ADHD community to also be able to unconditionally accept and embrace their own unique brain wiring and to be able to come from a place of truth, self-compassion and authenticity.



Adults, Late diagnosis, Peri/Menopause, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, Executive Function Skills, Self-esteem & Confidence building.


ADDCA trained ADHD coach, CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Studies level 2 & 3, Executive function skills in-depth training programme (US)


You can contact me directly on:

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