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sara-jane soutar

I am Sara-Jane Soutar, an ADHD and Executive Functioning coach, specialising in family coaching. I also have many years of experience working with young people and parents, as a Learning Support teacher and Head of Learning Support at both British and International schools. Having worked in American, French, British and IB schools, I understand the varying executive functioning demands on students in these different school systems.

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I coach parents, teenagers, children, young adults and adults, to help them meet family, academic and personal goals. Because parents may need to be involved with the coaching process, I may work with, educate and support the entire family 


ADHD coaching may include helping the client and family members become more self-aware, learning about his/her unique brain wiring and understanding how ADHD manifests in different situations.  During coaching, the ADHD client is helped to uncover his/her strengths, processing styles, past successes and accomplishments, and environments for success to support them in reaching their goals and developing self-awareness and confidence.   Coaching empowers the ADHD client to learn specific strategies and systems that will successfully help him/her navigate life in environments that may not be ADHD friendly.  Coaching may also assist family members to understand, support and provide an ADHD supportive environment in which the client can thrive. 


Executive Functioning coaching recognises that executive functioning challenges can be debilitating, and, like ADHD coaching, the content often focuses on academics, life skills, social challenges, strengths, creating environments for success and empowering self-talk, whilst nurturing motivation. 


My mission now is to support young people with ADHD and executive functioning difficulties, to live their best life and achieve their academic potential.  


I am a certified ADHD Coach and Family Coach, having trained with the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. 

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