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ursula theobald


I’m Ursula, and I help adults with ADHD or similar challenges solve the puzzle of how their brain works, so they can step into the life they truly want to lead.


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Wherever you might be on your ADHD journey and whatever challenges you are facing today, it can be hard to know what to do next. Coaching will help you better understand your many strengths and leverage the things that come naturally, so you are working with, not against, your brain. Together, we’ll explore what might be getting in your way and come up with realistic and personalised strategies for overcoming your challenges, creating a lifestyle and toolkit that work just right for YOU. 


I believe that ADHD coaching has the potential to inspire some radical changes in your life, foremost among which is learning to love your unique brain (because it is amazing!). With greater self-acceptance and awareness, you can be more empowered to reach whatever dreams you have for yourself, which might include the creation of more ease in your daily life and/or longer-term personal and professional aspirations.


Originally from the UK, I’m now based in Spain and coach worldwide via video. In true ADHD style, I’ve followed a varied career path, including teaching, corporate finance and being a stay-at-home parent before qualifying as an ADHD coach with the ADD Coach Academy following my own late-in-life diagnosis.


Whether you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, identify with ADHD or neurodiverse traits or have a close family member with ADHD, I’d be honoured to accompany you on your journey towards a better life.


Client testimonial:

“From the very first session, Ursula made me feel at ease, heard and understood.  I never felt triggered or pressured, and always felt like I was getting a warm hug in each session.  This was a big factor in me being able to openly and frankly share my ADHD-related struggles and look for solutions.  I cannot emphasize enough how Ursula finds a 100% custom-made approach to each client.  She is a lovely person with a great sense of humor, who has helped me accept my ADHD self and realize how it can be a strength and a talent!  I would highly recommend working with Ursula, even if (or, especially if) you feel ashamed, overwhelmed, do not know where to start addressing your ADHD issues, and even have other mental health struggles and triggers that make you wary of coaching! She will make you feel safe and understood, and work with you at a pace that you are comfortable with, while leading you to some very tangible results.” 

- Anna H


For more information on how I coach, visit my website:


Or book a free, no-obligation initial consultation here:



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