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I’m Emily, I am a professionally trained coach.

My own ADHD diagnosis in adulthood shook my world, especially my professional life.


Desperate to create balance from my chaotic life, I knew I needed some kind of a Career Coach who understood ADHD, and who could help me find the answer my burning question:


“What job can I do with ADHD and actually THRIVE?”

I couldn’t find one… so I chose to become one.


Today, I help anyone, from Gen Z’s to Millennials, from young mums to busy CEOs - some who have a diagnosis, and some who don’t. Together we work to find them the right support, understand their own ADHD, harness their natural strengths, and ultimately live their own dreams.


Let's talk. To get started, please visit my website, to book a free, 45 minute chemistry session. Here you'll experience coaching, we'll discuss your goals. We'll decide if we'd like to work together, and will take it from there.

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