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margo wilk


Hi, I’m Margo and I support adults with ADHD and AuDHD, as well as their loved ones. I offer sessions in both Polish and English. As a mother of four grown-ups, two of which are neurodivergent, I bring my professional and personal experience to support you on your journey.



My coaching approach is centred around helping you understand how ADHD affects your ability to live well and achieve your goals. A key part of the coaching process will be exploring what matters most to you and discovering a path that aligns with your values, in agreement with your ADHD. 



I empower you to navigate your life with confidence and self-awareness, embracing your ADHD as part of your unique self. We will work together to find effective ways to minimise and manage the difficulties that ADHD may present, shifting the narrative so that you can progress on your journey.


If you are the partner, family, or friend of someone with ADHD, we can dive deep into how to navigate specific challenges that show up when relating to someone with ADHD and gain perspective as to what is causing these challenges. I will also guide you in how to support your loved one effectively while ensuring you take care of your own needs.

Exciting news! Until June 2024, I am offering sessions at a discounted rate as I finish the Advanced Course by ADDCA. Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule a free 30-minute discovery call during which we will have a look at your goals together, understand how ADHD affects your life, and see if we're a good fit to work together.

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