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Corinne De Castro



Corinne trained and is accredited at ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) in the USA, viewed by many as the global leader in the specialty area of ADHD coach training. The program is fully accredited by ICF and PAAC.

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With a background as a lawyer and as a nutritionist, Corinne has always been passionate about learning, research, and education. When ADHD was diagnosed in her family, she set out to learn as much about ADHD as possible and now shares her ADHD knowledge, compassion and understanding with clients via coaching. Corinne keeps up to date with the latest research on ADHD by attending conferences such as the World Congress on ADHD. She is member of various organisations such as CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), ACO (ADHD Coaches Organisation) and ICF (International Coaching Federation).


Corinne always coaches to a client’s strengths and values by reminding clients what is important and true to them for clients to lead fulfilling lives. Executive function difficulties (such as time management, planning, organisation, impulsivity) are addressed and strategies developed that will work for the individual client. Education is provided about ADHD in general. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits (eg sleep, exercise, digital wellbeing, stress management) are discussed and personalised for the client. Social skills are also addressed if necessary.


As a nutritionist, Corinne can provide specialised nutrition advice in an ADHD setting by assisting with specific food plans for clients. Using her ADHD lens, Corinne addresses meal planning, motivation strategies and support. As an avid home cook, Corinne assists clients with cooking ideas, tips and strategies.


Corinne mainly coaches her clients via zoom but can see clients in person on an adhoc basis in Clapham, London.


One client’s testimonial:


Corinne is a very warm and empathetic person. We found her to be very supportive and generous with her time when helping our daughter.  The tips and strategies she suggested proved useful and helped to install some feeling of control over chaos.  As a parent, talking to Corinne clarified a lot of issues and for my daughter, Corinne’s sessions reassured her that there are ways to manage her neuro-diversity and the problems it throws up.  

(Mother of a University student)


Should you wish to have a complimentary 30 min chat to find out more about Corinne’s coaching, then please visit her website at or contact her on

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