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Cathy Howe

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Hello, my name is Cathy

I spent half my life wondering how I could be so good at some things, but a total failure at apparently simple things like being on time, being able to focus, and getting my priorities right. I built a successful career as an NHS improvement professional, but sometimes everything seemed so difficult.

In my late 40s I was diagnosed as autistic and then with ADHD, and suddenly it all made sense.

Knowing that my brain is different made it so much easier to accept myself – I’m a unique, creative and fabulous neurodivergent woman, not a slightly broken neurotypical one.

I discovered how ADHD and autism tends to manifest differently in women, and worked with a coach to understand how it affects me personally in work and homelife. I have been able to transform my core beliefs and my approach to life, and to develop strength-based strategies to succeed in my chosen profession and to craft my ideal lifestyle.

After more than 20 years coaching and training NHS professionals, from front line nurses to CEOs, to improve their services and their working lives, I now know I have a passion for working with neurodiverse professional and creative women to transform their lives, to feel empowered and have rock-solid self-belief, and to develop strategies that are personalised exactly for them, so they can be absolutely sure they can handle anything life throws at them.

I am a professionally certified ADHD coach. I trained as an ADHD coach with the ADD Coach Academy which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC).

My other qualifications include:

  • Dip Psych (Conversion for Graduates)

  • PGCert Psychology for Musicians

  • BSc Clothing Product Development

  • MSc Healthcare Management

  • BTEC Foundation Art

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