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Fran biscotti

Hello, my name is Fran!


Once I was doing what you are doing right now… looking for a coach!


I was diagnosed as an Autistic Adult with ADHD; and I soon realised that I was in need to find answers to my questions and guidance to make order in my brain and, consequently, in my life.

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Being a woman with a neurodivergent brain is beautiful. But let's be honest... REALLY challenging!


Hiding our true self to be seen, listened to or validated, while dealing with different symptoms, trauma and executive functions challenges it is not easy for anyone. But if you have to consider hormones on top of everything else, you will soon find out another dimension of the word challenge!


And we know how exhausting that is!


I am a professional trained ADHD and Autism coach and I support neurodivergent women and parents and carers of neurodivergent children.


I graduated with a Foundation Degree in Early Years, and a 1st Class BA Hons Degree in Special Needs and Inclusive Practice.


I have studied at ADDCA and I am currently studying towards her Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) practitioner and Master certification.


I am a specialist in Autism and ADHD and have first-hand experiences. I am passionate about Sensory Processing Differences (The D normally stands for Disorders, but I prefer to call it differences), the Nervous System and the Brain, Co-regulation and Self-regulation.


In addition, I have 15 years’ experience in working with families and children, which includes 8 years’ experience in the field of Special Needs.


I speak both English and Italian and I can offer sessions in both languages.


If you want to know more about me and what I can do for you, please visit and book a Free 30 minutes session to see if we are a match!


Alternatively, you can reach me directly at


You do not need an official diagnosis to book a coaching session with me!

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