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jason bennett

Discovering my ADHD and Autism amidst a bustling career was a pivotal moment, deepening my understanding of the unique challenges and advantages our neurostyles offer. This insight has shown me the immense value of integrating this neuroawareness into our lives. I'm here to help you unlock, integrate, and leverage your neurodivergent identity to self-advocate and take action towards a life and career that truly reflect your individuality.


Our partnership is about building on strengths and forward momentum. We'll focus on boosting your self-belief, honing your self-advocacy skills, navigating challenges, and infusing your life with optimism. Tailoring our sessions and the tools we use to your needs, we'll cover everything from understanding how your brain works to identifying and achieving what you aspire to, aiming for a well-rounded approach to both personal and professional development.


I am ICF credentialed and ADDCA certified as an ADHD (Neurodivergent) Coach, achieved through a fully accredited coaching program that is aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) standards.  I'm committed to maintaining the highest standards in our sessions. My background and qualifications in Autism Awareness and Mental Health Advocacy enhances my ability to offer comprehensive support. By navigating and integrating our neurodivergent identities, we not only equip ourselves for professional fulfillment and goal achievement but also to enrich our lives in unexpected ways.


My spikey professional ascent, now seen through the lens of neurodivergence, greatly shapes my coaching philosophy. It’s all about self-acceptance and self-advocacy. I'm here as a partner in your neurodivergence journey, drawing on my experiences and those significant career moments to provide guidance, strategies, and support for a fulfilling professional life that is aligned to embrace your individual expression of neurodivergence.


This journey is not only about succeeding professionally; it's about creating a fulfilling life that acknowledges and celebrates your neurodiverse identity. Combining my personal insights, professional achievements, and those invaluable life lessons, I aim to help you discover 'what you want', realize that 'you can', and leverage this awareness to self-advocate for a shift to a life and career that are set up to fully embrace your uniqueness.


Let’s embark on this journey together, aiming to unlock your authentic potential and guide you towards a life and career that not only aligns with your true self but also actively leverages your neurodivergence.


Client testimonials:

1. It’s been a personal and professional journey from "Overwhelm and Uncertainty" to "Knowing That I Can!" Thank you, Jason, for your unwavering support, insightful guidance, and for assisting me in discovering the best version of myself.

Louise Hamilton (ADHD)

Global Medical Technology Nurse Specialist


2. Jason's approach embodies warmth, professionalism, and unwavering non-judgmental support. His ability to listen deeply and ask thought-provoking questions opened new avenues for exploration, propelling me forward with renewed confidence, leading to the establishment of a fulfilling self-employed career aligned with my family commitments. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason to anyone seeking transformative coaching.

Lara (ADHD)

Independent Entrepreneur


3. With Jason as my Coach, I developed a robust set of career options and advancement strategies, significantly bolstering my competitiveness for increased seniority in leadership. For anyone considering embarking on a coaching journey, I cannot recommend Jason highly enough. His dedication, personalized approach, and strategic insight have been pivotal in my journey towards activation and achievement of my professional goals and beyond.’

Transformation Strategist, Leading Publishing Enterprise


4. For anyone looking to identify and action their true professional and personal potential amidst life's transitions, Jason's coaching offers a life-changing journey towards self-realization and empowerment.

Justy Kos (AuDHD)

Independent Entrepreneur

Contact me:


  • Book a free 25-minute chemistry call with me here: Lets Connect




  • Phone: 07900 912145

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