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Stephanie Clay


Hello, my name is Stephanie. I believe passionately that the unique brain wiring of people with ADHD has many benefits as well as the challenges we’re all familiar with. Uncovering your strengths and talents and helping you use them to create the life you want is the focus of my coaching practice.


Do you feel you are capable of achieving more and want to look at what's holding you back? Do you have dreams and aspirations but can't see how to make them a reality? Do you keep hitting the same problems at work even after changing jobs? Coaching can help you move forward, understand your unique brain wiring and overcome barriers.

I  coach people with and without a formal ADHD diagnosis and those with additional neurodiversities. I was diagnosed with ADHD late in life, thus I understand the opportunities and the challenges that a diagnosis brings.

I'm an accredited ADHD coach, having completed training and certification  with ADDCA - the ADD Coach Academy, based in New York.  The training is fully accredited by the ICF and PAAC (AACTP).

I also hold a Diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle College and have completed training as a Mental Health First Aider.

I have wide experience of working in the private and public sectors as well as navigating through tertiary education and vocational training. I’ve worked in IT, in the building trade and in the arts.

I aim to create an inclusive, non-judgmental coaching space, a safe bubble, where you have the freedom to express yourself, explore and discuss.

My coaching sessions last 50 minutes on Zoom, cost £55 and are bookable online. 


You can also check out my services at: 


Contact me for a free 20 minute consult to see if we are a good fit and to discuss where you want your coaching journey to go.   Email me at

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