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Carlos Armendariz



Hi, my name is Carlos.


I am a coach who specialises in helping adults with ADHD or similar symptoms. I was myself diagnosed with ADHD in my thirties and, like many people with ADHD, my background is very diverse.

Like many ADDer's I have tried a variety of jobs in my life. I have worked as an artist, a product manager, a computer scientist and a researcher. I've had full time roles in both academia and the private sector. Additionally, I hold an MPhil in Cognitive Science and have published multiple papers in the field.

I approach coaching as a collaborative process in which I work with my clients to gain clarity on their wants and needs, and co-create strategies to achieve their goals. Some clients enjoy gaining insights from current research on ADHD, while others prefer a more practical approach. Whatever the case, the most important part is always to learn more about how your brain works, to explore your strengths and to use them to create the momentum needed to work through current and future challenges, and ultimately to bring long term motivation and enjoyment to your life.


I work with clients who have Access to Work funding. 

I received my coaching training from the ADD Coaching Academy and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

You can book a complimentary 25 mins conversation with me at:


Or contact me at: / +447760545483

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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