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How I Became an ADHD Coach with a Focus on the ADHD Advantage

Before becoming an ADHD Coach, like many with ADHD, I worked numerous jobs. The one that stuck? Helping people find and use their strengths in their career. I became an expert at recognising strengths in various life stages and applied that knowledge to help big names like DHL, HSBC, NHS, and Johnson & Johnson in their recruitment and development through a Strengths-based methodology.


Here's why that matters: Every bit of research points towards the strengths methodology being the best for assessing and developing neurodiverse talent. I've seen it work wonders in both recruitment and coaching. When I specialised further with Advanced ADHD coaching at ADDCA, I stayed focused on strengths because it's not just what I do—it’s what I believe the secret to nourishing strengths is key to unlocking a satisfying and prosperous life.



Choose me as your ADHD coach, and together we will:

  • Map out how ADHD is influencing you

  • Decode the paradoxes of your ADHD brain

  • Optimise your strengths using a strengths-based methodology 

  • Identify your blind spots and implement ADHD-supportive systems

  • Build strategies, rooted in your strengths, for daily life



Who I am As an ADHD Coach 

Embarking on a journey as a neurodiversity ambassador, I, Roxana, leverage both my personal and professional insights to help you uncover and embrace your ADHD advantage, whether in individual or group sessions.


My Credentials:

  • Advanced ADHD Coach (ADDCA Accredited).

  • Certified Master Strengths Practitioner.

  • Executive Coach (Academy of Executive Coaching).

  • MSc Business Psychologist from UCL.


 Associations I'm Part Of:


Core Beliefs:

  • Growth Mindset: Always learning and growing.

  • Silver Linings: Finding the good in every challenge.

  • Starting with 'Why': Knowing the deeper reasons.


Let's Connect:

Ready to explore your ADHD advantage? Let's begin with a free 30-minute chat:

My website is:


Thought Leadership:

Harvard Career Services featured my insights in "Strengths Profile and my Dyslexia

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