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Find Certified ADHD Coaches in the UK

ADHD Coaches UK

Face to face and online coaching available


We are a group of certified and experienced ADHD coaches based in the UK that share a passion for supporting all aspects of ADHD--including coaching, training, and education. 

*Each of us has earned ADHD coaching certification from ADDCA (The ADD Coaching Academy).*


ADDCA, based in the United States, is widely recognised as the worldwide leader for ADHD education and training.  

Why is this important when you are looking for ADHD support?

  • ADDCA's training has earned the highest accreditation status from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC). These are the preeminent governing bodies in the coaching profession and they develop the standards that accredited coach training programs must meet.

  • ADDCA's rigorous training programs include a specialised understanding of ADHD, including symptoms, learning styles, and executive functioning.

  • ADDCA-trained coaches have completed coursework in areas including ethics, neurodiversity, evaluations on practical coaching and training hours, and research-based models and teaching techniques.  

  • All ADDCA faculty are experienced ICF- or PAAC-certified coaches --which means ADDCA students learn first hand from their instructors' coaching experiences and best practices.


Did you know that anyone can call themselves an ADHD coach....!

regardless of their training and qualifications? 

When choosing an ADHD coach, be sure to verify coaching credentials.  All ADDCA-trained coaches will have completed a rigorous, ADHD-centered coaching curriculum which includes practical coaching experience.


Each of us has our individual areas of expertise supporting ADHD.  We encourage you to read through our biographies, ask questions and connect with a coach that meets your needs.  We are here to support you!

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