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eleni morris sfiroudis




I'm Eleni and I started where you are.....overwhelmed and unsure of how to process an ADHD diagnosis. There was so much information about ADHD, but I needed actual help from someone with knowledge and experience to guide me through this unfamiliar place.

I found the help I needed when we met an ADHD coach. At first I was skeptical...after all who knows your child better than you?  She introduced our family to coaching and helped us see that WE, as parents, needed ADHD support and education first to really understand and help our family.  There is no magic ADHD roadmap but with patience, consistency and a coach that believes in you, everything is possible.  This belief is at the core of my own coaching practice.


I can do the same for you.  As goals, plans, and challenges change, I will support and guide you and keep you moving forward wherever you are--in school, at home, and throughout your journey.


I coach adults, teens and parents of kids with ADHD.  I also offer ADHD parent training, executive function skills support and family coaching.

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